If you would like to be a Sponsor we would be glad to speak with you to see how we can partner with you.  Just go to our contact us page and leave us  a message or call at,

(260) 403-8444.

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Christmas Kids Program

​Just a heads up on our Christmas Kids Program. We will be starting earlier this year and ending earlier. Going right up to 7 days before Christmas was nuts last year! Crazy busy but so wonderful to be able to give 85 children Christmas gifts that would not have had them otherwise. All due to so many people sponsoring children.

We will be doing a few things differently this year. Before you decide to sponsor a child I will have the dates and the address of where the gifts need to be delivered to. We will accept gifts on certain dates during certain times. I will be available in the evening for those who work. You will have 3 weeks in November to shop for your sponsored child(ren) and then 2 or 3 days to deliver the gifts to FHC. I will let you know ahead of time when I will start posting children that need to be sponsored.

I will have you wrap the gifts this year. Some sponsors did, some didn't. I was fine with either way. But after talking to some of the caseworkers it would be better if the gifts were wrapped.

Thank you and I will keep you posted!