Through Fostering Hope for Children I have been able to
offer assistance to a countless number of families I have served
over the years. Most recently, FHFORC saved a 12-year old’s
Christmas holiday. This particular child was part of a family of 5.
Her family had been adopted through another Christmas
program. She was not included in that due to not living in the
home when the information was submitted. When I was
notified that the child was allowed to spend the Christmas
holiday with her family I was immediately filled with joy. But
then I realized she would not have gifts to open. This was just a
few weeks before Christmas so all Christmas assistance
programs were closed. But something told me to contact
Juliette. So I did. And within days I had half a trunk full of gifts
for this little girl. The real gift was this was the family’s first
Christmas together in 3 years. But, with the help of FHFORC the
family had a very memorable holiday. FHFORC for children is
an amazing asset to our community and families in need. -
Naomi C. Rainwater

Fostering Hope for Children provides a much needed and
vital resource for our community. Often times, during the first
moments I’m visiting with a family, through my position at
SCAN, a need for clothing is expressed. It’s such a basic need
but one that the parents that I work with often have difficulties
meeting for their children, despite their best efforts. It is such a
relief and joy to know that a community resource like FHC is
available. I’m able to easily and discreetly request clothing for
some of these children, and have this need met for many
families that might otherwise be without.
-Aisha Diss, Assessment Worker-Network for Safe Families,
Scan, Inc.

I would like to speak on how this organization has helped
my foster children. They have helped over 20 of my foster
children. They help by giving 5 or 6 outfits, underwear, socks,
pajamas, coat, shoes, book bag, toys and a very nice blanket.
These items help me as a foster parent to dress the children
until I can get out to the store to buy items for them. They help
anyone in need. They do back to school book bags, Christmas
presents for kids that otherwise wouldn’t get any gift.
My husband and I have been foster parents for 32 years. We
adopted one child thru the Iowa foster care system and have
three biological daughters. Our daughter is now 33 years old.
She was adopted on her 9th birthday.
- Robert and Cindy Scotton